Endowed with voice, melody, and word, Tamara Qaddoumi’s artful music offers harmonic vocal layering, galactic synths, expressive drums and idiosyncratic guitar riffs, embracing the conflicting dynamics inherent in electronics.

Qaddoumi’s hybrid Kuwaiti, Palestinian, Lebanese and Scottish upbringing weaves conscious questions and discoveries around identity and belonging into her repertoire. Traveling through complex melodic arrangements, her lyrics oscillate between desire and observation. Since 2018, she has released two EPs, been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue, and Bazaar, and has regularly graced Lebanon’s stages with her tightly-knit band of stellar musicians.

Her upcoming EP Sorry, Signal (08/12/23) can be seen as a rumination on death. The four track album gives a sleek cold-pop sound rife with emotional articulations, highlighting the complex dynamic between man and machine. Inspired by hospital environments, cold and sterile atmospheres are animated with suggestive guitars, emphatic synths, and heady lyrics. The album processes death and grief through its electronics, synthesizing silver linings and graceful insights to arrive at a certain peace.

“Under The Knife” & “Cold in the Mourning” – are her two singles from her forthcoming EP, Sorry Signal (2024) now all all digital platforms.

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