Music Composition: Antonio Hajj & Tamara Qaddoumi
Produced: Antonio Hajj Co Produced & mixed: Fadi Tabbal TuneFork Studios, Beirut Mastering: Lopazz at mix Berlin
Directed: Karl Hadife

NOMAD Live @ The Ballroom Blitz Beirut
Live Sound: Joy Moughanni | Mixed: Antonio Hajj | Filming: Malek Hosni | Edit: Antonio Hajj

By the light of fireflies, the whispers of mythical snakes, and the ushering of a myriad of under worldly creatures, Nomad illustrates the twist and turns of a journey to the individuation of the spirit.

Balanced confidently between elation and a familiar nostalgia, the eclectic drums, broken beat glitch and layered melodies of Tamara Qaddoumi’s Cosmic Time invoke a space that glides between the past, the present and an unforeseen future.

A landscape of shifting sands, high winds and chromatic light provide the backdrop for this contemplative trip-hop single.

Tamara Qaddoumi is Ripe: Finding glory in the most primitive form of herself. Ripe is a visual interpretation of change and the process of becoming.

Our approach for this music video was to create a journey through an ever evolving illustrated world that symbolizes the artist’s inner world and feelings. A world that is formed by a mix of abstract and literal imagery.

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