‘Sorry Signal’ is the artist’s appeal to signs of life, a tempestuous inquest into an emptiness that pleads for any hint of what might remain – be it hope, truth, or ruin.

In a desolate world haunted by the specter of loss, Tamara Qaddoumi beckons to the fragments of those that remain and treads the delicate line between grief and abandon.

With “Cold in the Mourning”, Tamara Qaddoumi takes the listener on an exploration of the many faces of loss, lost innocence and the artist’s encounters with the ever-elusive, shape-shifting nature of bereavement.

Music Composition: Antonio Hajj & Tamara Qaddoumi
Produced: Antonio Hajj Co Produced & mixed: Fadi Tabbal TuneFork Studios, Beirut Mastering: Lopazz at mix Berlin
Directed: Karl Hadife

NOMAD Live @ The Ballroom Blitz Beirut
Live Sound: Joy Moughanni | Mixed: Antonio Hajj | Filming: Malek Hosni | Edit: Antonio Hajj

By the light of fireflies, the whispers of mythical snakes, and the ushering of a myriad of under worldly creatures, Nomad illustrates the twist and turns of a journey to the individuation of the spirit.

Balanced confidently between elation and a familiar nostalgia, the eclectic drums, broken beat glitch and layered melodies of Tamara Qaddoumi’s Cosmic Time invoke a space that glides between the past, the present and an unforeseen future.

A landscape of shifting sands, high winds and chromatic light provide the backdrop for this contemplative trip-hop single.

Tamara Qaddoumi is Ripe: Finding glory in the most primitive form of herself. Ripe is a visual interpretation of change and the process of becoming.

Our approach for this music video was to create a journey through an ever evolving illustrated world that symbolizes the artist’s inner world and feelings. A world that is formed by a mix of abstract and literal imagery.

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