Tamara Qaddoumi Crosses A Sea Of Hurt In ‘Under the Knife’

The lead single from Tamara Qaddoumi’s upcoming EP “Sorry Signal”, due on 8 December, “Under the Knife” is an aethereal wave jam with an ever-soaring synth melody. Her vocals seem to have taken a few cues from fellow Beiruti semi-mystical cerebral songstress Yasmine Hamdan but with a more velvety quality and a bit more fullness. Aided by some welcome reverb effects, Qaddoumi’s voice plays like the warm embrace of some Galadriel-like entity hovering in the aether. This all combines into a breath-takingly sultry atmosphere, almost like a more New Wave-leaning recreation of Enya’s “Shepherd Moons” era.

The words she is whisper-singing are definitely not comforting, though. Her metaphor-laden lyrics are almost cryptic and ditch objective clarity for rich visual symbolism…

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