It’s been a minute since we last caught up with Tamara Qaddoumi. Back in 2018, bazaarite Yasmine Dalloul picked her mind on the notion of rebirth and her Indie-Pop 4-Track EP, Dust Bathing. Now, with the dawn of a new decade, we see the release of Qaddoumi’s “To See You” from her latest Trip-Hop 5-Track EP, Soft Glitch.

To say that “To See You” is otherworldly is an understatement. A stark landscape of shifting sands, high winds, and chromatic light present Tamara navigating what truly appears to be a different plane of existence. Directed and choreographed by Jana Younes, we also couldn’t help but fall in love with the distinct, leading guitar that accompanies Tamara’s vocals that radiate power and sensitivity.

“To See You” depicts the intertwining of two internal universes, forming an energizing bond through the harmonious movements of organic, intimate choreography.

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